Assumptions Can Be Fatal: In the Aquarium and in Internet Marketing!

by John Zajaros on July 23, 2009

Octopus versus Shark?

I wonder which will come out on top? That’s the subject of the video below, the blog post grew out of it!


I haven’t a clue, I just get these ideas and run with them.

I hope you find it interesting!

But like the video, we make assumptions every day about people, situations, prospective clients, and life. I just thought this video might give you an interesting look into how wrong, even fatal, certain assumptions can be, not only in an aquarium but in Internet marketing and life, in general!

I’ve been on this assumptions, perspective, and perceptions kick lately, if you haven’t noticed, and I hope it is helping you, I know it is helping me! I am doing what some have referred to as “an agonizing reappraisal.” And, I have been re-analyzing not only my marketing and business strategies, but of my life strategies too.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I grow older is how much of what I thought I knew, I actually don’t know very well at all!

The fact is we go through life, many of us anyway, thinking we have things pretty well figured out, until we come to an epiphany of sorts. Some people undergo a change during some sort of major life-event, a catharsis of sorts.

A catharsis?

The word has been used for hundreds of years in medicine for a “purging,” of sorts, usually of the bowels. Hey! That’s probably more than you wanted to know! But what the heck, with everyone doing the “cleansing” thing lately, it’s not that far out of bounds!

The word catharsis has also been conscripted by modern psychologists, particularly Freudian psychotherapists, to explain and describe the act of expressing, or more precisely, living through and/or experiencing feelings and deep-seated emotions in one’s past. The focus is on those feelings repressed or ignored from early in life, those that have never been properly dealt with or experienced until some sort of major life-event brings them to the fore, forcing one to deal with them head-on!

It happens to almost everyone at some point or another in their lives, earlier with women and later with men. That isn’t quantifiable, there is no data to support my observation, it is purely anecdotal. I sense that about women, they generally get it, life that is, sooner than men do. Why? I have my ideas but I think I will keep them to myself, at least for now. It’s kind of like the whole Venus and Mars thing so popular a while back. You know what I mean?

John Gray’s book? Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus!

A classic of sorts, and very popular with the women!

Anyway, no matter whether we get it early in life, or later, most of us seem to figure this out at some point along the way, unless you are a total loss, and there are far too many of those.

Take heart!

If you were one of the lost, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this…or anything else for that matter!

Anyway, back to the assumptions, perceptions, perspective, and what we just don’t know!

Ultimately, what we don’t know, what we can never know, not really, is the mind of another person. In fact, what we don’t know fills libraries! Pick any topic and then “google” it.

Let’s say the “Korean War.” I got 26,400,000 results for that phrase when I “googled” it, without quotation marks.

Now go to the nearest public library and go to the row or rows of books that cover “The Korean War.”

See what I mean?

You can spend a lifetime on just one aspect of the Korean War and not get to everything written. In the information age one thing is clear, there is too much of it!

Beyond this, and this is really my point, the more we know, the more we know…the more we don’t know!

Obviously, you don’t have to do it to know what I am talking about, right? In fact, I would be absolutely astounded if anyone actually did what I suggested and went to the library. I don’t have that kind of control!

But next time you are there, if anyone even goes any more, except to use their computer room. that is. Check it out. Just pick a topic and see how many books there are, how much knowledge there is! It is harder to get the real sense of what I am talking about when you “google” it, the numbers are somehow “less real” but the books really bring it home in a tangible way.

We simply cannot know everything about anything!

This brings me to my final point before the video.


Thought I never get there didn’t you!

Marc Joyner talks about dealing with information overload in marketing and focusing energy in one of his videos; and, a particularly good one too. The video and his example are appropriate for this article. Marc Joyner uses the example of piercing a box with two tools, a knife and a rock. The rock may be powerful and cover a broad surface area but the knife’s energy is focused on a single point, thus piercing the box easily. The rock just cannot do it as cleanly or as effectively, the energy is to spread out, not focused like that of the knife!

We have the same sort of dilemma in marketing, we can either bring our focus, train our attention and bring it to bear on a single task, or we can try to do too much at one time and get little or nothing accomplisghed!

So, we have assumptions, perceptions, perspective, agonizing re-appraisal and the gender gap, control, and information overload all linked together. How to we know what to do? How to we know who to listen to? How are we supposed to take the millions of search engine results, and tens of thousands of volumes of books available, and make sense of it all? How do we know what products to buy and which “guru” (geez, I hate that word) to follow?

Well, the answer is as simple as the knife’s energy is focused! You trust yourself and your instincts! However, until you can trust your self more completely, and you should never trust your instincts completely, you should always have at least one trusted advisor, you need to find a coach and/or mentor. Just like everyone else does, in every endeavor and/or pursuit in life worth achieving, you need a mentor.

Whether you are Tellman Knudson and find a Shawn Casey, Robert Kiyosaki and find Donald Trump, or Frank Kern and Bill Glazer and find Dan Kennedy, or Michael Jordan and find Phil Jackson, we all have mentors and coaches, and we all need trusted advisors!

Let me say that again!

We all need trusted advisors!

The problem? Most of you are looking for one in the wrong places! We will get into this more in the next post but for now know this…you must have a mentor if you are to be successful! Whether it’s a Rich Dad or a Donald or a Dan or a Vince Lombardi…we all need that certain someone to trust and bounce ideas of of, someone who is not afraid to tell you when you are full of “it” because they are are afraid of losing a $97 DVD sale or a $9997 coaching sale for that matter!

You must have someone in your corner who you have faith in and someone who will tell you like it is.

AND someone who is not financially motivated, at least not primarily! Ultimately, finances drive the world but there has to be an intangible, a certain something that links the two of you and forges a bond that will last through the trying times ahead! And there will be trying times ahead! There will be times when your coach or mentor will have other things on their plate and you will feel slighted. I guarantee it! Get over it and grow up! Stand on your own, forge ahead and learn from your mistakes. As so many have said before me, we all learn from our failures! Attempt, grow, fall, fall, get up again, and fail again! Every time you get back up, you will be stronger than the time before, and that much closer to success. You will fail if you don’t get back up…that’s a certainty!

Woodrow Wilson had a nervous breakdown, yet went on to lead the country through a World War and became the champion for what would ultimately become the United Nations. Harry Truman faced failure and disappointment several times before becoming president. Truman’s father went bankrupt and then he was refused admission to West Point due to his eyesight. Later, after closing his business due to recession, he even had to move in with his in-laws; and, he still became President of the United States! We all know the story of Michael Jordan, cut form his basketball team as a sophomore in high school!

In every instance, those individuals above went on to do great things because they had someone in their corner who believed in them, someone they could confide in and someone who would tell them like it is, even Harry Truman himself, known for his tell-it-like-it-is-manner, had Bess! Michael Jordan, his coach. And so on!

That sort of relationship is rare!

And it takes time and effort to develop that sort of relationship. It doesn’t happen in 90 days on Twitter and it doesn’t happen overnight on facebook or Skype! It takes getting to know and trust the person well enough to put your financial future in their hands and know they will not cheat you, lie to you , or take advantage of you! In most cases, and their are exceptions, money corrupts the relationship!

So, for now we have raised more questions, I hope, than we have answered. Now to the video that stated all of this!

Once again, it is about assumptions!

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