At What Cost? The “Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered”!

by John Zajaros on May 12, 2013

 Still think the death penalty is a good idea?

What if…just, what if…one man or woman is innocent?

At what cost do we find justice?

If one innocent man or woman is put to death because of a bad cop or a miscarriage of justice or a bad attorney or for any other reason?

The cost is too high! 

Sure, there are bad cops. If there are bad priests, bad Congressmen & Senators, bad Boy Scout & Cub Scout leaders, bad teachers, bad physicians, bad dentists, and bad popes…there are certainly bad cops!

We are human, they are human…there will be good cops & bad cops!

So, once again:

At what cost?

When is there enough evidence?

Okay, I do you one better:

What if you were David Ranta AND you’d been sentenced to death?

When does it finally become obvious to all that, just perhaps, if The Pope isn’t fallible then neither is the NYPD? Or any other PD for that matter?

The Pope?

Well, even if you failed to read your history books and slept through world history, perhaps you’ve watched The Borgias? I understand, video generation and all. But they did get a LOT of it right! In fact, they downplayed it in order to get it played in front of the right audience!

Ever watch Discovery ID? The prosecutors are NEVER wrong…even when they are!

It’s scary…really very scary!

Inspired by “The New York Times” article:

Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is scrutinizing the cases of Louis Scarcella, a former star detective, after new revelations about disputed confessions and tactics in his record.

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