Breaking News from Lakewood, Ohio

by John Zajaros on November 18, 2011

Man Struck by Lightening – Twice!

"Want to hear me scream in agony? Play some rap music!" Bruce Willis, The Last Boy Scout

Lightening Strikes Lakewood Man Twice

Breaking News from Lox8:

56 year old Lakewood, Ohio man hit by lightening!

Husband of Connie Zajaros, father of four (Jack, Jr., Allie, Kayleigh, Emily), and grandfather of two (Kailyn and Brynn) was struck by lightening Late Thursday afternoon.

In the past 3 years, Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr. has been hit by lightening twice!

The first time he was struck was after an earth-shaking, some would say Earth-shaking, idea. Now, almost 2 years after that momentous first strike, Professor Z has been struck again.

This time, the beloved Professor was struck after admitting he enjoyed a new release written, produced, and performed by the multi-generational hip-hop artist known throughout the world as Twixx!

“It was the strangest thing,” reported Professor Z, “I was sitting at my computer and I felt a tingling, then a vibration, and then I was knocked out of my chair. I woke up in the ER at Lakewood Hospital.”

Doctors are at a loss and the noted meteorologist Dick Goddard is stumped. Experts are at a loss to explain the strike…as well as the noted professor’s survival.

Said Goddard in a post-strike interview:

“The Schwartz was obviously with him! Or was it the Force? I am having trouble remembering things these days…..”

Goddard could be seen later with his Woollybear, denying he had a Twitter account. Interestingly, he also denied that he was, in fact, Dick Goddard.

More to follow!

Film at 11!

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….

The video in question can be viewed on The TwixxMusic YouTube Channel. We didn’t want to risk a first strike to an unintended and unsuspecting viewer…or yet a third strike to Professor Z…by posting it here! You can also follow Twixx on Twitter!

Just don’t stand in or around water and make sure you are well grounded…hopefully in Classic Rock!

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