Man Struck by Lightening After Admitting He Likes a Hip-Hop Artist!

by John Zajaros on November 18, 2011

"Want to hear me scream in agony? Play some rap music!" Bruce Willis, The Last Boy Scout

In the past 3 years, Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr. has been hit by lightening twice. The first time when he had an earth-shaking, some would say Earth-shaking, idea. Now, almost 2 years after the first strike, Professor Z was struck again. This time, the beloved Professor was struck after admitting he enjoyed a new release written, produced, and performed by the multi-generational hip-hop artist known throughout the world as Twixx! “It was the strangest thing,” reported Professor Z, “I was sitting at my computer and I felt a tingling, then a vibration, and then I was knocked out of my chair. I woke up in the ER at Lakewood Hospital

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