Brynn and Grandpa: A Surprise Visitor for the Night!

by John Zajaros on October 31, 2009

It seems like only yesterday and it’s been over 5 months already! Time flies by, particularly as we age!

I treasure every moment I am able to spend with my grandkids. The silver lining in all the health issues I lived through was that I was able to spend a lot of time watching my kids growing up and being a part of their lives. Now, I get to do it again with my grandchildren! Talk about an awesome do-over!

Nothing big here, just a very special moment and a proud grandfather showing off his newest addition to the Zajaros Family! Actually, The Zajaros/Purdy Family!

New blog post later today on a more serious note…shifting perspective. I hope you enjoy both this one and the one to follow!


John Zajaros
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