Doing God’s Work and The Third One This Week: There Really Are Angels!

by John Zajaros on July 26, 2012

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this today! 

I got a call on July 1, 2012 from Officer Norman Kekic of the Parma Police Department, Parma, Ohio.

Officer Kekic was the unfortunate individual who was charged with telling a father his oldest child, only son, and namesake was dead.

I don’t really remember much more about that call…other than his kindness and the groan that came from my wife and daughters, his only real mother & sisters, when he described the manner of death on speaker.

I will never forget that sound…it all but ripped my heart out!

But it was Officer Kekic who was a true hero that day!

While he couldn’t save my son, no one could, he did his job with professionalism and grace…and I will be forever grateful.

This is a very powerful video and, particularly in light of July 1st in my life and July 20, 2012 for too many others in Aurora, Colorado, appropriate.

Thanks to all of you, the first-responders, the support personnel, the medical staff…

…attending to my son on July 1, 2012…

…or too many others in Aurora on July 20, 2012.

My heart is broken!

I know what so many are feeling today.

Thanks to those of you who do a job no one should ever have to do.

You are doing God’s work…the work of angels!

John P. J. “Jackie” Zajaros, Jr. (April 21, 1976 – July 1, 2012)

Goodbye my son….

The Third One This Week from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo.

 Jack Zajaros and Jackie Zajaros at the Deer Park near Trenton, New Jersey

“I’m all you have have, right Dad?” He was a very special boy in so many ways. In the end, life chewed him up. I loved him very much! I would have given my life to save his…..

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