Economics 101 – “The Intangibles: Payment Comes in Many Forms”

by John Zajaros on November 15, 2011

Just a note about the previous post: The Intangibles: Payment Comes in Many Forms

There were several points made earlier today. The one point I left alone, unsaid, is the one dealing with costs.

I feel I must at least touch on the subject, based on a couple of questions that have been raised via social media.

So, here goes!

My first economics class was Economics 101.

The very first lesson, on the first day of class, was entitled:

Rule Number One: There is No Free Lunch!

Rule Number Two: Refer to Rule Number One!

To that end, and referring to clients who do not pay fees in the conventional sense?

Refer to Rule Number One.

Then, refer to Rule Number Two.

There is always a cost!

Significantly, the ultimate cost for someone willing, and able, to pay the going rate up front and in full is usually far less than the cost incurred over time by the individual receiving an initial break in price.

Once again, there is always a cost…it may be paid using a different form of exchange…but there is always a cost and it is always paid.

I felt that needed to be cleared up. I hope it is for those of you who expressed concern or, at the very least, asked for a clarification.

Feel free to comment or contact, anytime!

John Zajaros

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