Fear and Failure: Observations While Walking with TuffGuy at Midnight!

by John Zajaros on August 14, 2009

Almost every night TuffGuy and I head out on a nightly walk down Detroit Road, Lakewood, Ohio. We usually start out at midnight and roll back up the driveway at a little after 1am, almost every night! The walks have become a bonding experience for the two of us, TuffGuy just loves then…me too, actually!

The nightly ritual started as a way to lose weight, build strength after 14 back surgeries and a number of other health issues, and get neck pain, back pain, and sciatica relief. Tall order, huh?

What has happened? All of the above…and more!

Interestingly, walking has become an amazing funnel for ideas! Yes, there are times when I listen to an mp3 player, particularly one filled with content useful in my work. But there are many times when TuffGuy and I just kind of go with it…meaning I allow my mind to go just about anywhere it wants to. Just about!

The results of these mind expanding walks are amazing. Interestingly, many times I end up with ideas for building my business, writing articles, and expanding my “empire!”

Yeah right!

The interesting thing about all of this? I have had the most interesting experiences just observing people and life, an hour an evening, one day at a time. And that brings me to the title!

Every night I walk down Detroit Rd and every night I come across the same young woman, dressed all in black, walking towards me. And, every night she goes 50 feet out of her way to avoid TuffGuy and I! No justification, no behavior to base her actions upon, at least none I am aware of, and yet every night she goes way out of her way to avoid the two of us! She is walking late at night, all by herself…and she is afraid of a 50 something grandpa and his little dog!

Well, it got me to thinking, thinking about fear! One thing led to another, and we have a blog post. Cool!

The fact is, fear is probably one of the most powerful, and powerfully destructive forces in the universe! It is also the reason for almost every failure and most of the misery people experience in their lives, singularly and collectively.

Think about it! Here are just a few:

Fear of failure!

Fear of success!

Fear of the unknown!

Worry! Probably the single-most destructive and counter productive fear of all!

Ignorance! This offers a myriad of choices and consequences on the way to fear. Ignorance can be one of the most destructive, and certainly the most dangerous of the fear related emotions!

More to follow…after our walk! It’s midnight and TuffGuy is chomping at the bit! Literally!

Well, we made it..but just barely!

I overdid it a bit today and I felt it in my lower back for the first time in a while. That is the problem when attempting to overcome back pain and sciatica, there’s a balancing act between just enough and too much exercise.

Well, my paranoid young lady friend wasn’t out on her walk tonight. In all fairness to her, we don’t know what made her that way, what sort of problems, ordeal or ordeals she may have had to face that brought her to this point.

But that doesn’t change the real point here…what a terrible way to go through life!

Constantly afraid!

Imagine you are given a road map to success, we all are, but we are too afraid to embark upon the journey, to take the first step. And all due to…


Fear of loss and fear of failure, in concert, have held more people back, have done more violence to people’s lives because of what doesn’t happen in their lives! The failure to act due to fear of failure holds more people back…I have known hundreds!

It is tragic!

What is the point here? Well, perhaps to get you to think, it certainly has gotten me to a different place!

And all because of a frightened young lady on a midnight walk in Lakewood, Ohio!

Cool things happen to the mind while engaged in exercise, combined with thought, and mixed with endorphins! Join me anytime, from anywhere in the world. Just start walking at midnight eastern standard time, and we will be walking together! Then just share your thoughts here!


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