Help the Children: The 2nd Annual Zoobies Christmas for Children!

by John Zajaros on September 10, 2009

This will be the 2nd Zoobies Christmas for Kids! Please join us and help sick, homeless, and abused children this Christmas 2009 with a Zoobie! Please Pay it Forward early this year!

We are now doing this twice a year, once at Zoobies Christmas time and once during Zoobies Christmas in July! So, technically, this is The 3rd Semi-Annual Zoobies for Kids!

Either way, please help us help the children!


Brynn Elizabeth helps Grandpa announce The 2nd Annual Zoobies Christmas for Kids!

Imagine having to drop your kids off because you can’t afford them anymore. Imagine being that child! Imagine a child being in the hospital with a catastrophic illness and you can make them feel loved and a little better about life. Zoobies are the perfect toy, a combination of stuffed animal, pillow, and a very soft and warm blanket! Check them out on some of the other videos. Help us help the children.


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