Help Us Pay it Forward: Kailyn & Grandpa’s Zoobies Christmas in July!

by John Zajaros on July 2, 2009

Help us help between 200 and 500 hospitalized and traumatized children this Zoobies Christmas!

It doesn’t take a lot to “Pay it Forward” and the impact your kindness will have will affect a child suffering and in the hospital or traumatized and in a homeless shelter or a domestic abuse shelter for years. Imagine a child suffering! Know that your single act of kindness can brighten their life!

Kailyn and Grandpa have declared July 25, 2009 Zoobies Christmas in July!

Please contact me for details. Even the donation of a single Zoobie will help a child suffering as no child should ever have to! For less than the cost of lunch out for many, you can have a profound impact!

Why Zoobies? They are the perfect gift for a child in transition, either in a hospital bed with very little room for a toy or in a shelter and not knowing from one day to the next where they are going to end up!

The Zoobies Christmas and Zoobies Christmas in July is a way to turn a cliche into action! “Pay it Forward!” Everyone talks about it, here’s a chance to do something amazing!

The Zoobies can be purchased through one of my companies at wholesale. I am not making a penny! Kailyn and I just want to see as many children as possible happy this “Zoobies Christmas in July!”

Thank you so much, in advance! I will video, if given permission, so you may see the impact your kindness has on the children!

Contact me at:

John Zajaros
216-712-6526 (Please leave a message! Voicemail 24/7)
Skype: johnzajaros1 (personal email put “Zoobies Christmas in July” in the subject box)

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