Life is Good: Still Here, Just “Busy As All Get Out!”

by John Zajaros on February 20, 2010

Life is Amazing!

Ask and yea shall receive…I believe that!

The last month has been amazing, I feel like I did in my twenties…anything is possible!

Fighting back was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Making the decision to fight back was the best idea I’ve ever had!

There is a power in decision-making, in making a conscious and irrevocable decision to alter the path of your life, to take a new direction and allow nothing and no one to stand in your way.

The feeling of power and the contagious effect is absolutely awesome!

With each new day the sense of what is possible heightens, the reality of the possible increases exponentially.

As you are no doubt aware, I think a lot of Tony Robbins’ work and his notion of CANI!

The idea of constant and never ending improvement!


Constant and never ending improvement will lead to something amazing, a life unlike anything you can possibly imagine when you take the first tentative steps towards something new…into the unknown.

This is not to say the path you set out on is unknown, you should have a plan. However, you can’t possibly imagine the incredibly powerful effect, or the results, of such a decision. Even Tony Robbins makes note of this in Power Talk! The place he is now at is a place he could never have dreamed of when he started on his journey…it is indeed incomprehensible.

As I begin my new life, the same sense of the possible is contagious and the degree of success, in the immediate sense, is almost overwhelming…almost!

The key is to make the decision, to never hold back, to go boldly forward….

OK! I’m sounding like Captain Kirk!

Anyway! Make the decision, take the first steps, and you will never be sorry…you will never look back!

Have an awesome life…beginning today!

John Zajaros

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