Life Lessons: Life Was Good Today, Life Was Good Today!

by John Zajaros on June 14, 2012

Life is a Series of Peaks and Valleys…

String enough peaks together, almost every one an intangible, and you have lived a wonderful life!

The Ultimate Internet Image: Inbound Marketing and More

I have been going back and forth with clients for 2 weeks now, several at the early and mid-launch stages. They are such an amazing group, all friends! And now, with new clients being added all the time and from the “online” and “offline” business arenas, it is easy to stay enthusiastic!

I work with every kind of business imaginable:

  • The Getaway, a rock band with an absolutely phenomenal new album (and a couple of sleepers)
  • Lava Room Recording, one of the country’s best recording studios
  • RAMM Homes and Cleveland Wholesale Houses, the brain child of an amazing real estate investor…and a really wonderful human being
  • PsyMax Solutions, one of the most highly sought-ought organizational psychologists in the country…with some of the biggest clients in the world in their respective niches
  • Irrigation Incorporated, built solely on the owner’s word, an amazing personality, and his refusal to do less than the best work possible…anywhere
  • A Fitness Expert, Trainer, and consultant with a heart as big as a beach ball
  • And so on and so on…

I’m constantly pumped up because they are all such amazing business people, entrepreneurs, examples, and friends!

Life Was Good Today!

Life Lessons: Life was good today!

Westside Tutoring and Testing Services

  • I have 2 new students fighting with and through ADHD, focusing on graduate school in zoology and microbiology, and preparing for the GRE.
  • I have a young student, also striving to come to terms with a profound ADHD issue, and attempting to get a handle on math (pre algebra, algebra, and geometry).
  • And there is yet another student who, after several years struggling with ADHD and other issues, is finally graduating from one of the most prestigious high schools and going on to a great college in the Cincinnati area.

I am so very proud of  that last young man. He helped me as much or more than I helped him and his mother once hugged me and thanked me for saving her son’s life.

Truth be told?

He saved my life!

Ultimate Athletic Training

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable, at least from a work/play perspective, is a young top-tier amateur athlete from Northern Iowa. This young athlete is really going to be something special. And her parents are helping her get there by making sure she has the best training in the United States!

Talk about déjà vu!

Connie and I had 3 girls, all 3 amazing athletes. Consequently, when it comes to training this young lady, it is about more than just helping another top-tier amateur or professional athlete focus his or her abilities and achieve their goals. In this instance, it is about helping another daughter do something truly amazing.

And I love it!

Life was good today! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Professor John P. J. “Jack” Zajaros, Sr.
The Ultimate Internet Image, LLC
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