Life Lessons: The Secret of Success and a Very Special Email

by John Zajaros on October 27, 2011

Success is About Helping the Other Person Get There! 

A new client wrote:

Jack-ok-you’re stuck with me. LET’S DO THIS!!!!

I kind of look at this not just as an Internet thing but you are almost a life/business coach as well.

Your experiences as a business owner are invaluable.

I’m Extremely excited to get this moving.

You da man!!

I wrote back:

No! You da man!

I’m glad to have you as a client, a mentee, and a friend! This will be fun for both of us!

Let’s meet tomorrow or Saturday. I’m proud of you (name here). I know it was a tough decision….

This email exchange made everything worth it:

  • The sacrifices
  • The late nights with no sleep
  • The hours invested in developing relationships via social media
  • Watching StomperNet videos until I couldn’t watch another
  • Reading book upon ebook
  • Immersing myself in articles, blog posts, and ecourses
  • Overcoming the self-doubt we all face. Yup! We all have it…it’s how we work through it that defines us
  • And all the hard work….

Once again, I am the luckiest man alive. Not only because of my business successes but because I have the support of an amazing family and the privilege to work with exactly who I choose to work with…and when! Can anyone think of a better way to spend your working life?

And to think I almost lost my life to illness!

Have a wonderful life. Because it is indeed a wonderful life!

John Zajaros

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