Once Again, Klout Confirms the Unreliability of the Klout Score

by John Zajaros on October 27, 2011

Klout Fails to Convince:

Perks, Influencers, K+ Acknowledgements?


Over the past several months I have used Klout, analyzed Klout, scrutinized Klout! I embarked upon a year long study after ripping Klout in August of 2010.

See: Inbound Marketing Week in Review: A Hard Look at Social Media Klout: Inbound Marketing and Social Media Perspective and Review–Introducing Klout, TweetPivot, and Spezify!

Feeling I may have been too harsh, and desiring to be fair, I stepped back, took a deep breath, and then stepped back in.

Boy…did I step in…it!

Of one thing I am absolutely certain, the Klout Score has as much real value as a daily horoscope. It can also be argued, and quite convincingly I might add, that the horoscope is probably right more often…at least relative to your Klout Score.

@Klout can’t have it both ways!

If the old data was BS, the new system reflects that fact. If the data was reliable? Then Klout scores wouldn’t have changed quite so drastically…and overnight!

Significantly, one might be inclined to argue that Klout was either wrong then…or they are wrong now. In fact, I’d argue that it’s not merely a matter of either/or. I suggest that Klout has been consistently wrong!

Once again, Klout defines its lack of integrity, consistency, and value!

A detailed analysis of Klout “Influencers” confirms the pure fiction of the Klout score. In fact, Stephen King would be proud, and perhaps a little jealous given the upcoming launch of 11/22/63.


10 out of 10 people listed as influencing me have had little or no contact with me across any of my many social media profiles.

Dogs and Cats and Monsters…

…Oh my!

Incredibly, Klout has given a number of pets very high Klout scores. I guess the dogs are simply trying to get a leg up on the competition? Well, good for Klout…and good for a few good animals.

BTW, who is influencing Poochie? Or better yet, and perhaps more suggestive of just how ridiculous the whole Klout algorithm is, who is being influenced by Poochie?

Now that’s not silly, it’s sad!

The silliness of the daily Klout score has come full circle from the days when their data was clearly “hinky!”

And now I just don’t see the point!

We might as well read our horoscopes! They have the same grounding in reality…and may indeed be more accurate!

Ultimately, whether or not you follow your Klout score is up to you. Obviously!

I will leave you with this:

If social media is a new religion, the newest manifestation of an opiate for the masses, and the Internet along with it, then the Klout score must be viewed as a perverted attempt to establish a daily record. Ultimately, the Klout score is an indication of just how determined businesses, organizations, and government agencies are to define Internet usage, generally, and social media usage, in particular. The pursuit of metrics to define the value and impact of social media has become a multi-million dollar enterprise. Why? So companies can use the data collected to manipulate and control the buying behavior of the public, those individuals buying into this newest form of religion…social media.

See you on Twitter!

John Zajaros

NOTE: When I mention religion, I am referring to it in its broadest, most figurative context. However, one can not help but notice the profound impact this new form of worship is having on individuals, groups, businesses, agencies; and yes, governments. Doubt me Thomas? Well, just take a look at what happened across the Middle East in the past year. Then tell me the Internet and social media didn’t have a profound impact on the very existence of governments. In our own backyards? And now across The Pond? The Occupy Wall Street movement has been fueled, in large measure, by the connections made via the Internet, generally; and, via social media, specifically. There is more to follow, much more. I simply hope we are not putting our faith in false gods. Or Klout scores!

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