Chasing Mavericks, Edward Scissorhands, and Living Room Campouts

by John Zajaros Chasing Mavericks - Edward Scissorhands and Living Room Campouts

Kailyn Christine and Brynn Elizabeth Purdy – The Z Girls: Part II August 1, 2013  The Best Day Ever! Yesterday morning I walked 8.27 miles, half of it with TuffGuy…it was a gorgeous morning and my walking buddy and I took full advantage. In the afternoon, Brynnie, Kailyn, and I curled up on their bed […]

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Memories, Mom, and Dying Far Too Young

by John Zajaros Life Lessons

Memories of Mom, Ralph, and Mark I was looking at a picture of family members and that got me thinking about my mom. Mom got me through the toughest times and, while we certainly had our differences as I was growing up, I always considered her my very best friend…all 5ft 2in of her! I […]

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Was Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy a Wise Move or a Panic Reaction?

by John Zajaros Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy

Did the Doctor’s Go Too Far? Because “she learned she carried the gene that makes it extremely likely!”? What do you think? I don’t know whether to applaud or cry, and for myriad reasons! I cannot suppose to know what Ms. Angelina Jolie was thinking or feeling, and her concern for her children is laudable, […]

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At What Cost? The “Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered”!

by John Zajaros David Ranta

 Still think the death penalty is a good idea? What if…just, what if…one man or woman is innocent? At what cost do we find justice? If one innocent man or woman is put to death because of a bad cop or a miscarriage of justice or a bad attorney or for any other reason? The […]

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Doing God’s Work and The Third One This Week: There Really Are Angels!

by John Zajaros Doing God’s Work and The Third One This Week: There Really Are Angels!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this today!  I got a call on July 1, 2012 from Officer Norman Kekic of the Parma Police Department, Parma, Ohio. Officer Kekic was the unfortunate individual who was charged with telling a father his oldest child, only son, and namesake was dead. I don’t really remember much more about that […]

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