Chasing Mavericks, Edward Scissorhands, and Living Room Campouts

by John Zajaros on August 2, 2013

Kailyn Christine and Brynn Elizabeth Purdy – The Z Girls: Part II

August 1, 2013 

Kailyn and Brynn - The Z Girls Part II

The Best Day Ever!

Yesterday morning I walked 8.27 miles, half of it with TuffGuy…it was a gorgeous morning and my walking buddy and I took full advantage.

In the afternoon, Brynnie, Kailyn, and I curled up on their bed and continued our reading of Charlotte’s Web while Nana went to the store and Allie went off to work. Kailyn and Brynnie listened as Wilbur watched Templeton work his way over to his trough, still full of slops, and Lurvy told Mr. Zuckerman that there was something wrong with Wilbur.

Then, we had steak on the grill and Sweet’s sweet corn-on-the-cob for dinner. Emmy and Connie took the girls to Dairy Queeen for dessert…ice cream sundaes. They brought home the usual for me: an extra-large raspberry milkshake.

Okay, okay! Once in a while I go for blueberry…just to spice things up a bit!

We finished off the day by “camping out” in the living room. Brynn, Kailyn, Nana, and I…and of course TuffGuy and Bart…curled up on the sectional and watched Chasing Mavericks and Edward Scissorhands. The girls loved Edward Scissorhands, no big surprise there. And they really got into Chasing Mavericks!

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Allie came home from work during Edward Scissorhands and saw what we were doing.

Then, Allie smiled and winked at me. She told Kailyn that she was sitting in her, Allie’s, spot. Allie’s spot was always curled up next to me and either reading a book or watching late night TV…usually a scary movie!

Well, Kailyn immediately curled even closer; and Brynn, already on my lap and not to be outdone, snuggled even closer too!

It was as if they were saying, “This is my spot now!” 

It was a good thing, a precious moment; and Allie, knowing the full-value of moments just like that one, smiled, grabbed her dinner, and went to bed…tired but smiling.

It was a very good day.

A simple day.

A day filled with smiles and laughter and hugs…and love!

It was the best day so far…the best day ever!

Every day is the best day now…although we miss our son, our brother, and our uncle very much.

We’ve come so far and I am, we are, so very grateful just to be here!

We lost everything.

Everything, that is, except the two things that matter most:

Our lives and each other.

And that’s enough…because they are the only things permanent.

It was a very good day…the best day ever!


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