The Quest Rocks! THE TRAIN by James Justice and Tom Jensen

by John Zajaros on October 26, 2009

Music speaks to the soul in a way few other mediums of expression are able to.

I posted a a couple of videos by a group a bit early in my blog’s history and they are now emerging as one of the best new groups of the year. Please know that I am in no way taking credit for their discovery in any way shape or form! I was simply able to share in their new found fame by being a fan and a witness to a new and original rock band breaking through.

Silversun Pickups came to my attention through social media, Web 2.0.

Now? A new singer/songwriter team has come across my radar and they are also quite good…to say the least!

James Justice and Tom Jensen added me as a “friend” on YouTube and I took the time to listen to their latest song, The Train. It is at every bit as good as anything being offered by the music establishment today.

That means, in my humble opinion, it is worth a listen, more than once!

These guys are the real deal and, in an industry offering so much rehashed nonsense, James Justice and Tom Jensen have a legitimate hit with The Train!

The amazing thing about the Internet is how viral it is and how a new concept, idea or product can take hold and, provided it has appeal, will capture the imagination of people and popularity grows. I hope you will help a legitimate talent like this take hold, pass it around the Internet for all to enjoy. These artists deserve a chance, their stuff is that good!

What is in this for me? Nothing! I discovered them today, they are completely new to me. However, if they make it…and there is always that if…we may have the pleasure of listening to this talented duo create real music for years to come. And that benefits all of us!

Happy listening and let me know what you think…and then travel over to YouTube and let them know what you think. I am certain they will appreciate it too!

John Zajaros
Skype: johnzajaros1

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