This is Why I Work With Kids!

by John Zajaros on September 10, 2009

Dear Jack,

In the middle of of the school year, my daughter lost her bearings in high school chemistry as the pace picked up and the assignments became more complex. My daughter couldn’t relate to the teacher’s learning style and presentation. The school’s student tutor for chemistry was a classmate of my daughter; my daughter was too embarrassed to work with him. My last encounter with chemistry was thirty years ago and hopelessly out of date. By the time we contacted you for tutoring, my daughter was failing her assignments and panicking.

You were wonderful the whole way. The day we called, you called us back. You met with my daughter the next day at our home. You assessed the situation, calmed everyone down, and put an immediate action plan in place. You renewed her confidence. You assessed her learning style and presented complex material in a way that made sense to her. Working together, my daughter had a very successful recovery and finished the class with an ‘A’ on her final.

Chemistry went from overwhelming to fascinating. We cannot thank you enough!

Evelyn W. (mother of S.R. Westside Cleveland Suburb Spring 2009)

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