Many People Are Still Asking Me “What is The Quest Revealed?”

by John Zajaros on July 23, 2009

What is The Quest Revealed? Revisited!

The Quest Revealed is a personal journey of discovery. Combined with years of entrepreneurial experience, and culminating in several Internet marketing businesses, across a variety of niches.

The Quest Revealed is also the summation and the culmination of a life’s work, family and business, for the benefit of anyone interested in getting to know me and my family.

I’m a 54 yr old husband, father of 4, grandfather of 2 amazing little girls, Kailyn and Brynn, a disabled US Army veteran, and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and building businesses.

I have a number of online businesses.

I love my family, my dogs, reading, soccer, working out when I can, and physical anthropology. I am also an ex-university professor. I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in history, anthropology, and psychology (triple major). I won a prestigious doctoral fellowship to one of the nation’s most competitive programs to study for my PhD in physical anthropology, a consortium made up of NYU, Columbia, CUNY, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Zoological Society. I have explored the world, researched and written extensively, including taking part in National Geographic funded expeditions into the rainforests of Central America.

I am currently engaged in the creation and development of an Internet marketing consultancy known as The Ultimate
Internet Image. I have a number of other online businesses across many niches, most just getting started after several years of dealing with a debilitating injury and illness. I am reclaiming, and rebuilding my life
for myself and, more importantly, for my family!

That’s why I love the book by Marc Warnke, ONO Options not Obligations! It speaks to me and has influenced my personal and business life in a very profound way. It is well worth the time to read it!

BTW, I also train top level amateur and professional athletes and own an online and in-home tutoring business. My clients, also my friends, do quite well as a result of our relationship. The most rewarding of all of my endeavors goes back to teaching and coaching, and my fondness for working with kids.

Hope that helps you understand me a little better. Please tell me about yourself!

I also invite you to:

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John Zajaros

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