What Matters Now and Do-Overs: A Second Chance at Life!

by John Zajaros on December 14, 2009

The Meaning of Life? Sorry, Take a Number! But A New Perspective Based on What Matters Now and the Do-Over!

I was taking a shower and it hit me! As a kid when things didn’t go just right we would always call for a do-over…the chance to do a retake because the results weren’t as we had planned or as we would like them to be. The do-over is the classic little kid, “I want a second chance” phrase.

Interestingly, we get do-overs all the time, we just don’t recognize them for what they are…do-overs!

Here are some of the do-overs we get and my take on some of them:

Grandkids are the ultimate do-over!

You get to rethink and do-over all of the “if only I had” moments you screwed up oir simply missed with your own kids.

A new job is another wonderful do-over!

Many people view a new job with a sense of apprehension, when in fact it is actually a chance to get things right, to do things differently…to do things over.

Remarriage, while beginning on a negative note for many, although certainly not all, is another wonderful do-over!

Talk about taking a terrible experience and making it better. The ironic part of this particular do-over? We fall into many of the same traps and habits that screwed things up the first time around…thus the divorce (read: failure) rate for this particular do-over is an astounding 70%!

The “surprise” package, the child later in life when we really weren’t expecting to be expecting is an awesome, albeit totally unexpected do-over!

This particular do-over allows you to have the control you don’t have with the grandkids, with the grandkids it is not unusual to have to watch your own kids screw things up from a distance…while remaining quiet about it!

Going back to school is a fantastic do-over!

“Education is wasted on the young” is a corruption or an expansion, a do-over in the grammatical realm, of a quote by the famous, some would argue infamous, Oscar Wilde: “Youth is wasted on the young!”

In either instance, there is more than a little bit of truth to be had in both of these statements. Education the second time around is a wonderful thing and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination…and incredible do-over I have experienced first-hand! It is not surprising that at many colleges and universities, it is the nontraditional student that leads the pack when it comes to GPA and to applied research and experiential education opportunities.

Getting back into shape can be an awesome experience and a wonderful do-over!

We’ve all heard the story about the overweight so-and-so who barely made it out his front door on his first jog only to run the Boston Marathon a year later! Or how about the story of Marva Hooks, the story Tony Robbins mentions in his book Awaken the Giant Within and in the episode of Power Talk, the episode when he also reveals is concept of constant and never ending improvement, CANI! Marva Hooks is a 67 year young lady who at the age of 92 climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji! Talk about a do-over!

I could go on for days, literally, as my life is filled with do-overs…as I am certain yours is, as well!

But what I’d really like to do is turn this over to you. Think about the do-overs in your own life and either link back to this post or comment below, adding experiences of your own for others to take in as they consider and plan their own do-overs!

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Have a wonderful day…yet a new and exciting do-over each and every time you wake to begin again the experience of life!


Many would argue life, in and of itself, is the ultimate do-over…but then we won’t know for sure until we get to the end and perhaps face an altogether different sort of do-over!

Don’t forget Seth Godin’s ebook, it is amazing!


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