You, I, Life, Success, and the Imprint We Make…A Tribute to Jim Rohn

by John Zajaros on December 8, 2009

I suppose it only appropriate that a word should be said about one of the great personal development gurus of our time, Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn’s loss will be felt by many and the ripple effect of his passing will be significant. Even those unfamiliar with his work will seek out his words and lessons in order to find out why this man had such a significant effect and impact on so many great men and women.

This is, of course, one of the imprints we leave on this world, the ripple of our presence, if we have placed our mark and a significant imprint on others, either in word or in deed; and, most particularly through our deeds, we are measured accordingly.

However, words, properly shaped and measured, having a profound impact on peoples’ lives, and moving them towards greatness is a noble deed, as well. You see, others will always be attracted to the words a great leaders, men and women who rise above the norm in whatever milieu, but it is the impact of the deeds either performed or inspired by great individuals that assure their immortality.

There can be little doubt that Jim Rohn’s name will be remembered for many years to come, as his words and his deeds ripple on across the fabric of eternity.

He has earned his rest and his reward, whatever you believe that to be, either in the immortality of remembrance or in the immortality of the next world. He will be missed…but not soon forgotten.

My favorite Jim Rohn quotes:

“I don’t want to live this way any more!”

“It’s not too expensive, the problem is you can’t afford it!”

“This is all the company pays you!

“You don’t have to work on the company, you have to work on you!”

And the best one of all:

“Success is something you attract by the person you become!”

The self-improvement and personal development movement has lost a great man in Jim Rohn. The world has lost a great teacher…the essence of what a true guru is…Jim Rohn!


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